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How the Service Works

A Hosted Solution

UltraTime Enterprise is offered by Tracy as an on-demand, subscription based service.

Variously called ASP (application server provider), SaaS (software as a service), On-Demand or Utility, a common basis of these terms is the application is hosted and managed offsite and the client is charged based on usage.

This service utilizes the internet to collect your employee's punches from a variety of sources, including time capture devices and PCs. This data is then processed and stored in a database on our servers.

Support is included in the subscription, eliminating the guesswork and headaches of owning and hosting an application in-house. With no need to buy servers and software licenses, a client can rapidly deploy and begin reaping the benefits of automated time and attendance immediately with a very low cost of entry.

Standard reports include time card, payroll journal, punch exception, department distribution, punch detail, yearly attendance, employee and department scheduling. Reports may be output in a variety of formats, including pdf, Excel, HTML, TIFF and comma delimited.

Employee and payroll integration is available for a variety of services and software, such as Peoplesoft, SAP, Banner, ADP, Ceridian and Paychex.

Key Features
  • Rapid deployment with low cost of entry.
  • Secure, easy 24/7 access, anytime, anywhere via the Internet.
  • Costs are relatively minimal and based on actual usage.
  • No capital expenditures for infrastructure of servers or software licenses.
  • Support Costs and upgrades are included in the low monthly fee.

Fast and Secure
100% web-based
Level 4 SaaS
Based on Microsoft .Net